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Hotels and tourism

Having worked with large international hotel chains, we help hotel companies, tourist accommodations and tour operators to meet their business objectives.


A changing world

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the Greek economy. In the tourism sector, there are various companies active in many sub-sectors and as a result the tourism industry presents complexities and long standing structural issues.

The hotel companies operating in our country must show constant adaptability to the adverse economic climate and the constant changes and be able to face a number of challenges such as fluctuating exchange rates, intense competition, regulatory changes, restructuring needs, emerging market trends and technological advancements.


How we can help you

We have established track records of providing business advice to hotel companies and other businesses active in the tourism industry. No matter what area of the tourism industry you operate in, our understanding of the key market drivers, provides clients with the necessary advice to add value and gain a competitive edge.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients:

The benefits

The wide range of services we provide help businesses in the hotel and tourism industry to:
  • save time and resources and focus on other priorities
  • gain access to new funds
  • avoid fines
  • improve their functions


Why trust us

  • We have significant experience, having worked with large international hotel chains.
  • We have provided a variety of consulting services to leading businesses in the industry over a long period.
  • You have direct contact with experienced professionals (Partners and Managers) who have significant experience in the tourism industry.