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Not for profit

With great sensitivity, we help not-for-profit organisations such as charities, civil non-profit partnerships, educational institutions, social welfare organisations and environmental organisations to better manage their expenses and gain transparency and accountability.


A changing world

We fully understand that not-for-profit organisations are under constant pressure to meet the requirements of the regulatory framework for transparency, accountability, and governance. Resources and funding are vital for such entities and their commitment to their purpose is the driving force behind making important decisions.


How we can help you

We manage our relationship with not-for-profit organisations with great sensitivity. The services we provide are governed, among other things, by the spirit of offering to society as a whole but also, of the increased accountability regarding their funding bodies and the framework of their supervision.

The services we can offer are:

The benefits

The wide range of services we provide help not for profit organisations to:
  • better manage their expenses
  • gain transparency and accountability
  • improve their functions


Why trust us

  • We have significant experience, having worked with a large number of not-for-profit organisations.
  • We manage our relationship with non-profit organisations with great sensitivity.
  • You have direct contact with experienced professionals (Partners and Managers).