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What is Maritime Accounting Software recently presented by Moore Greece and Athens Technology Center?

What is Maritime Accounting Software recently presented by Moore Greece and Athens Technology Center?

Pinelopi Kassani

Article by Pinelopi Kassani, Partner - Governance Risk & Compliance at Moore Greece, in the special edition Women in SHEPPING of NAFS magazine.

We are very proud to have recently announced the launch of the Maritime Accounting Software (MAS) together with our partners, Athens Technology Center (ATC). MAS combines Moore Greece’ s uncontested knowledge and experience in shipping accounting with the technological advantage and reliability of internationally acclaimed Epicor® ERP which is supported by ATC, Authorized Partner of Epicor®.

Nowadays, there is a number of mature accounting software solutions for maritime. And yet, reporting to the owners, management and other stakeholders remains a huge burden for accountants. The reason is that the information that goes into reporting comes from various sources and therefore has to be compiled monthly, quarterly, annually or on an ad hoc basis. It takes tremendous time and effort. There can be mistakes and inconsistencies that hinder the quality of reporting and frustrate the decision makers. Also, the compilation process is largely manual, so disaggregating the information can be challenging and stressful.

Once reporting is set up in MAS, the pain of reporting is put to an end. With excel connectivity to draw information directly from the accounting books and records, without human intervention, reporting is readily available, always up-to-date, consistently prepared and error free. Also, the drill down functionality enables users to reach the granular detail behind the reports, intuitively and real time.

Needless to say, shipping companies can expect to find in MAS all the features that are common to maritime accounting software solutions. Much more to that, MAS can display personalized dashboards and reports, tailored to each user’s needs and accesses, feeding information – live - from a number of sources, including the accounting books.

We are certain that MAS will fulfil a rapidly increasing market demand for a technologically robust shipping accounting and reporting software that (a) is fairly priced, (b) permanently deals with the burden of efficient and effective reporting, (c) can be effectively integrated into the IT environment of a shipping company and (d) scale up in the future.