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The Shipowners Perspective – Where We are Today and How to Move Forward

The Shipowners Perspective – Where We are Today and How to Move Forward

Costas Constantinou, managing partner at Moore Greece and global maritime leader within the Moore Global network had the privilege to moderate a really interesting discussion with Alex Hadjipateras, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Dorian LPG (USA) LLC.

The discussion titled ‘The Shipowners Perspective - Today and Moving Forward’ highlights some key insights on how the shipping industry should adapt to the ESG criteria and what this could mean for various shipping companies, regardless their size.

Some of the key takeaways are listed below:
  • The investment on embedding the principles of ESG pays back as it is something that is increasingly demanded by the counterparties and other stakeholders of maritime companies.
  • Investors can be divided into the purely ESG driven that can be considered as activists by the world and those who think that embedding the ESG principles is important but consider it more as part of a compliance exercise.
  • The ESG criteria are very important to key players in maritime such as insurance companies and underwriters.
  • The companies should not try to create a report and see it as an extra publication, but rather focus on the goals that can then be highlighted in the reports.
  • Medium and smaller shipping companies should take into consideration the ESG concepts as they will have tangible impact on their business in the short run.
  • Companies need to be cautious and selective with goals, they should focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Any company can start from what they already have in place in terms of ESG and then see how they can expand and build a more complete ESG strategy around what they already do.

Watch the full discussion below:

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