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COVID-19 | Moore Greece update

COVID-19 | Moore Greece update

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, organisations are taking measures to ensure their operation can continue without putting employees, clients and their communities, at risk.

Moore Greece supports the actions of the Ministry of Health against the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 and we have taken a number of important and precautionary measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees and their families, clients and associates.
  • We maximise the use of work from home and restrict any movement between offices.
  • We minimise our presence at our clients’ offices, introduce the use of video conferencing and restrict access to our premises.
  • We postpone our participation in events, minimise unnecessary traveling within the country and do not allow traveling abroad.
  • We focus on our people who have traveled abroad and especially those who have travelled to the World Health Organisation (WHO) identified risk countries and asking them, as a precaution, to stay at home for a 14-day quarantine period when they come back from their travels monitoring their health and condition while at home.
  • We provide all the necessary equipment and IT software so that our colleagues can provide uninterrupted services to our clients.
In essence, alongside the sensible precautions outlined above, for Moore Greece it remains ‘business as usual’, and we look forward to continuing to support our clients and associates as effectively as possible.

Further update
We are constantly monitoring the current developments. Any update on changes to Moore Greece’s stance on the virus, where this may impact our operations, will be provided.

Should you have any concerns around these actions, or queries to raise, please contact your Moore Greece Partner or Manager, where your concerns can be discussed and addressed.

We feel confident and strongly believe that through individual responsibility and collective efforts will succeed in dealing with this difficult challenge.