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By emphasizing on building long-term relationships with our clients, the tax services we provide help high net worth individuals and families as well as businesses to avoid additional costs and save time, during tax planning.


A changing world

The tax environment remains complex and various regulatory changes emerge constantly. This creates a challenge for businesses and individuals.

There are tax implications for any activity carried out both on a corporate level (regardless of the jurisdiction in which the activities are carried out) and on an individual level.

The need for security and certainty in the decisions that are taken today and determine the future, imposes the need for rational tax planning in order to minimise tax risks and burdens. Therefore, it is necessary to have support and credible advice from experienced tax advisors.


How we can help you

Our comprehensive tax services are designed to help you grow by taking into account the full range of taxation. These include:

Tax compliance

The constant changes in the tax laws and the strict fines, burden the businesses. Ensuring that you are aware of your tax obligations is the ultimate goal of our services.

We offer a full range of tax services such as completing and filing tax returns ensuring that these returns are technically correct. However, preparing a tax return is just the beginning as it helps us identify potential problems and discuss them with you.

Tax planning

We consider it very important to determine the tax implications of each business transaction. We have the experience to advise you on income taxes and VAT for a wide range of business activities, such as group reorganisations or business transitions to future generations.

Working closely with you, our approach to tax planning ensures that all tax issues have been addressed and every reasonable effort has been made to avoid tax problems.

Our international network ensures that international tax implications are addressed in a timely manner.

VAT issues

VAT is a complex tax that affects most businesses and given its nature, mistakes are very serious with far-reaching implications.

With our accumulated experience in VAT issues, our team can provide you with tips that will help you avoid the many pitfalls in regards to VAT and other indirect taxes.

Global solutions

Through the Moore Global Network, our firm has a strong international presence and can advise on different issues concerning different countries. As your activities can be developed internationally, our network can advise you on all your issues.

Diagnostic tax review

We are able to conduct tax audits with the same criteria as the tax authorities and identify problems before they become significant.

The experience we have gained from the application of tax certificates can be very useful, even in businesses that are not required to be audited by a certified auditor.

Labour taxation

Our team has experience advising on personal pay and providing payroll support services.

Asset protection

Tax legislation is complex and changes frequently, therefore it is very important that your issues are discussed regularly.

Our team can help you identify potential problems or opportunities and can suggest structures that are designed to protect your assets.

The benefits

The tax services we provide ensure that the tax payer:
  • will avoid additional costs, thus only paying the exact tax amount due, whether the taxpayer is an individual or a business. 
  • will save up time, as tax planning takes up resources in the operations of a business and in the daily life of an individual.

Why trust us

Long-term relationships

Providing personalised solutions and advice presupposes a deep understanding of corporate and personal data. Building long-term relationships with our customers is the foundation of our services and provides us with the understanding we need to have in order to be able to serve specific needs.

Our professionals are always available to discuss your tax issues and concerns with you, so that you always have access to our expertise whenever you need it. 

Tailor made solutions

We understand that each customer's requirements and problems are unique. That is why we focus on personalised solutions and do not adopt single or "prefabricated solutions".

We can give specialised tax advice depending on the industry and individual circumstances.

Comprehensive advice

Our department consists of experts from all fields of taxation, such as taxation of individuals and companies, VAT, property taxes. This means that we can provide comprehensive services ensuring that all the information we have received from you has been utilised in depth.


A basic condition for the provision of a high level of services is to have a continuity in the team that serves you, in order to ensure the understanding of your issues.

We value the mutual benefit of this continuum as it makes the relationship more valuable as time goes on and we actively pursue it.