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Through the dedication and flexibility of our team, the transaction services we provide help investors, owners, chief executive officers and chief financial officers of medium and fast growing businesses to get the full picture of the investment (buyer’s side) and maximize the value (seller’s side).

A changing world

In this challenging environment it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to implement their growth strategies in a forward thinking, integrated and safe manner. There is also constant pressure to ensure that mergers and acquisitions and other business transactions, deliver value to all stakeholders and that deals will not fail.


How we can help you

Whether you are seeking to buy or sell a business, our expert advice throughout the process will support you in achieving maximum value. We know that every transaction is unique and we will guide you through the requirements of your transaction, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

We provide a wide range of transaction services and can assist you at any stage of the deal. Our transaction services include, but are not limited to:


The valuation of a company or its assets is a complex process which results in many cases being subjective, as they depend on the analysis, assumptions and the independent judgment of each analyst. Choosing an independent specialist consultant is a key factor in completing a successful transaction.

Due Diligence

We can help you with a detailed investigation of the target company and focus on:
  • the financial data of the target company
  • legal issues
  • tax issues
  • business operations issues
  • labour issues
  • compliance with loan terms
  • rights (intangibles)
  • a combination of all the above topics

Business Transformation

Our team undertakes the provision of consulting services in the context of business transformation and reorganisation, indicatively in cases such as:
  • conversions
  • mergers and divisions
    • merger by absorption
    • merger with the establishment of a new company
    • split by absorption
    • split by setting up new companies
    • split by absorption and establishment of new companies
  • transfers of companies, branches or departments 
  • acquisitions

The results of the above services are presented in a detailed report to assist those involved in evaluating the transaction in question and in eliminating the inherent risks that exist in it. Providing reliable information is important, which is why we keep our clients informed with regular meetings and presentations, interim and final reports.

By identifying areas of risk, or inaccuracies that allow the parties involved to renegotiate the terms of the transaction, we support the making of the most beneficial decisions and the planning of the next steps of the parties involved.

Control of investment plans and certification of completion and commencement of the productive operation of investments (Law 4635/2019).

The certification of completion and commencement of the productive operation of investments requires an audit report on the completion and commencement of the productive operation of the investment. Carrying out audits of investment plans by certified auditors - accountants or auditing companies is considered a mandatory audit. Our long presence in the provision of audit services combined with the accumulated experience and the thorough technical training of our staff, makes us a safe choice for achieving your goals.

The benefits

The transaction services we provide ensure that:
  • the buyer's side has the full picture in order to evaluate the investment
  • the seller’s side maximizes its value by being assisted as to how to position the business prior to a sale
  • the client’s assets are protected

Why trust us

Moore Global Corporate Finance (GCF) offers you the dedication and flexibility of a boutique, combined with the knowledge and power of an integrated financial services network.

Whilst our expertise and worldwide presence are comparable with that of the largest players, we make a conscious choice to have a smaller and more independent network. This allows us to address each assignment with truly tailored advice, as you would expect from a trusted business companion.