Reporting (MS-REP)

We are extremely proud to be launching Moore Stephens reporting service (MS-REP).

It is a revolutionary service that marries-up our unparalleled depth of knowledge in shipping accounting with our passion to innovate in technology. MS-REP provides:
  • Monthly or Quarterly accounts with minimal time required from staff
  • Significant cost saving
  • No human errors
  • No reconciliation hassle
  • Guaranteed to reach you within 48 hours
There is a variety of add-ons which are available, depending on your information needs.

Our vast experience in the field along with the utilization of carefully selected technology guarantee accuracy and timeliness. This is why we can offer this service in a highly competitive price.

Our clients can now enjoy the level of service equivalent to that of an IFRS or US-GAAP reporting analyst, for a fraction of the cost.