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Moore Maritime Index

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Moore Maritime Index

The Moore Maritime Index (MMI) is our exclusive statistical and analytics tool on shipping operating costs and revenues of more than 1,500 vessels. We extract our data from the financial statements of ship-owning companies audited by Moore Global member firms, as well as from verifiable independent submissions from all around the world.

MMI provides information on key maritime sectors, namely, Dry Bulk, Tanker, Container and Specialized vessels, such as Gas Carriers (LNG & LPG). The design enables users to obtain their own insights in relation to two fundamental strategic factors which affect performance; income and operational expenses. 

Shipping operating costs are grouped under the following categories:
  • Crew Costs: Crew Wages, Provisions, Crew Other
  • Stores: Lubricants, Stores Other
  • R&M: Spares, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Insurance: H&M and Other Marine Insurance, P&I insurance
  • Administration: Registration Costs, Management Fees, Sundry Expenses

Additionally, MMI provides users with exclusive information relating to vessels’ net income and dry-docking/special survey expenses.

To learn more about Moore Maritime Index and gain access to exclusive content and thoughtful insights in relation to the shipping industry, please visit the Moore Maritime Index webpage.