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Accounting Outsourcing

Through the personal involvement of our experienced professionals in the projects, the accounting outsourcing services we provide help owners, chief executive officers and chief financial officers in businesses of all sizes, to free up valuable time and channel it into more profitable tasks.


A changing world

Managing your day-to-day operations is in itself a challenge without having to worry about accounting, payroll and tax returns. Outsourcing to qualified professionals can solve these problems.

Also for the cases where there is no physical presence of senior executives in Greece, it is useful and can prove beneficial to have supervision of operations locally.


How we can help you

Accounting services


We provide accounting services, which undertake the completion of keeping of the clients' accounting books in our offices, with our own means or at the client's facilities with our own means or the client’s. In this way, the companies focus on their productive work and their senior executives are employed at a minimum in jobs that require specialised accounting and tax knowledge.

Accounting supervision

In case a company has its own accounting department that deals with daily accounting operations, but without the accounting staff having specialised knowledge or multilevel accounting experience, we can provide experienced and specialised accountants to supervise or perform accounting operations such as: balance sheet, tax audits, detailed accounting etc.

Shipping accounting

Due to our many years of experience in the shipping industry, we specialise in keeping accounting books for all types of shipping companies such as seagoing shipping, shipping, cruise ships, management shipping companies etc.

We also use software that is tailored to the needs of shipping.

Payroll services


We undertake the calculation and issuance of the payroll of any kind of business, as we have a complete department with specialised staff.

Advice on labour and insurance issues

Our consultants are able to constantly inform the client about any new labour - insurance provisions that concern them and are for the benefit of the company. We give particular emphasis to the resolution of issues in a timely and efficient manner, providing our customers with direct communication and accessibility to high-level executives with valid and immediate solutions.

First time adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the new Greek Accounting Standards

Our consultants are technically trained and in combination with their many years of experience and information are able to provide transition services within the new framework of International Accounting Standards and the new Greek Accounting Standards on a case by case basis.

The benefits

By assigning processing tasks such as accounting support, bookkeeping and payroll to experienced associates, the management will free up valuable time, which will be able to channel into more profitable tasks.

The cost of entrusting your accounting tasks to us is much less than having your own accounting department. In addition, you are confident that you are supported by experienced and knowledgeable accountants.

Why trust us

  • We undertake the bookkeeping in all types of companies.
  • We use a software tailored to clients’ needs.
  • There is a personal involvement with the projects from our experienced professionals.
  • Our accountants have many years of experience and expertise in their respective fields.
  • Depending on your needs, we support you with specialists in international and Greek taxation, Greek Accounting Standards, IFRS, US GAAP etc.
  • As your activities increase, we support you with a full range of consulting services, both in Greece and in 110+ other countries through the Moore Global Network.