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We are excited to welcome Theo Delyannis among our partners team

We are excited to welcome Theo Delyannis among our partners team

Moore Greece is excited to welcome Theo Delyannis as a partner.

Theo is an experienced and respected Chartered Accountant and IFRS Specialist with over 30 years of experience in the accounting and auditing profession. Previously, he held important roles in PwC, EY and the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority and he has been involved in public and private sector audits (including listed and unlisted entities), as well as doing accounting, financial management and tax consultancy work for individuals and corporates.

Costas Constantinou, Managing Partner at Moore Greece, said: “I am excited to welcome Theo among our partners team. He brings substantial experience which will further strengthen the quality of our service delivery as well as an ethos that perfectly reflects our culture and values.”

Theo Delyannis
Partner, Moore Greece